Never change a running system…

Posted: 8th January 2014 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux, Software

… but if it’s not running you should change as soon as possible!

I am just reinstallung my beloved Kubuntu on my desktop PC. I’m kind of sorry for the nice Chakra linux which has to go, but productive work was not possible anymore. From week to week more and more programs ceased to work as I was expecting them to work.
I really liked Chakra in the beginning. But the descent began with LiquidWar 6 not working anymore. LiquigWar 6 was one of the major advantages in comparison to other distributions where only LiquidWar 5 was available. Unfortunately, some package changed version and so liquidwar 6 did not compile anymore.

Anyhow, it is just a game and as I’m currently writing up my PhD thesis I shouldn’t play anyway. Problems started when my productive tools (in particular ipe, a vector drawing programm and to some extent python-mytplotlib) were acting strangely.

So, while now Kubuntu 13.10 is being installed, I just want to let you know that sticking with boring distributions is really better if you want to do productive work. Maybe in the future I’ll reinstall Chakra again. Without the obstacle of a thesis that needs to be finished rather yesterday than tomorrow it could be more fun. But it is a kind of distribution that really requires you to participate in its development, with a comparably small community and a problem of unstability that is most likely very common for rolling-release distributions…