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Using containers in my eyes reaches its full potential only when combined with an orchestrator – the usual choice should be Kubernetes. But if you build your own Dockerfiles you want to have a development environment where you can test the images on that orchestrator. This environment should be set up easily and responding fast.

This ought to be some kind of tutorial on how to write your own syntax highlighting rules for vim and how to activate them. Actually, the sites I found on the web, were either too superficial or much too complicated – like the vim documentation itself. I used them all to learn the art of […]

Hands on…

Posted: 28th March 2015 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux, Mobile
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Last friday, I received a long expected package. The unpacking revealed this: [Show as slideshow] If you want to know more about the contents, keep reading.

Yesterday, I published an article about majordomo and my conclusion of nut using it, since the version my webhoster provides does not support archives and digest functionality. But do I need it actually? I think that the mailing lists will have only a very limited number of users and, hence, only a small amount of […]

A major domus

Posted: 18th March 2015 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux
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For several projects I recently felt the urge to dive into the world of mailing lists. Since I prefer having full control over such things rathern than delegating them somewhere, my first step was looking into my own webhosting package. It includes the the possibility to set up majordomo-mailinglists – I don’t know the exact […]

Gradients in IPE

Posted: 22nd March 2013 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Software
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I was just trying to understand, how in IPE areas can be filled with a gradient. On the IPE Wiki you can find examples, however no documentation or comments.

OpenWRT USB storage

Posted: 25th January 2013 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Hardware, Linux
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This is a continuation of my last post OpenWRT on TP-Link WDR3600. It deals with the use of my TP-Link WDR3600 as a central file server.

OpenWRT on TP-Link WDR3600

Posted: 22nd January 2013 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Hardware, Linux
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For the history leading to this post, read TP-Link WDR3600: Router! Print-Server? and TP-Link WDR3600 – no information available. After all the annoying information, I decided to change the firmware of my router.

TP-Link WDR3600 – no information available

Posted: 10th December 2012 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux
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I just received (after several weeks) an answer from the TP-Link support.

Logging in Python

Posted: 28th November 2012 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Programming
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I am an excessive user of the built-in logging facilities of Python. Most information about that topic can be found in the Python Logging Howto or in the description of the logging module. If you’re interested how I use it in my modules, just go on reading