This ought to be some kind of tutorial on how to write your own syntax highlighting rules for vim and how to activate them. Actually, the sites I found on the web, were either too superficial or much too complicated – like the vim documentation itself. I used them all to learn the art of syntax highlighting. Still, I am no master. Anyhow, there is a bit of pride about my success.

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New perspectives for carbon based transistors

Posted: 6th October 2015 by knoppi in Uncategorized

Only a few days, since I started my new job at Heise | ix, and already at the second day my first article appeared. Fortunately, the topic was very closely related to what I did before during my PhD where I was working on graphene. Well, just follow the link to Neue Perspektive für Kohlenstoff-Transistoren (article is written in german).

Personalized City Map

Posted: 22nd June 2015 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux, Software, Uncategorized

I was, for a long time, dreaming of a personalized map of something. Not necessarily a city map, also hiking maps were fine. At home online maps were alwas fine. Zooming in, changing map center and similar stuff went fast, I got all the information I needed. But, eventually, I desired a hard copy of something. Preferably created with an easy-to-use tool.

First try was the export option of (OSM) – currently my favourite map source. This offers map extract as bitmap images at screen resolution which usually works fine but you’re limited to the pre-rendered tiles and for a large detailed map you would have to stitch it together. They also offer export as vector graphics which is way better, but does not work for larger areas (download often breaks down). And the zoom level is defined by the map size and your screen size, basically.

Second step: ask google, I’m for sure not the first one with this problem. So I tried:

“How to create printable maps from OSM?”

“Export maps OSM print”

“Make my own map with OSM”

Actually, I’m not sure anymore about what I typed. Now these queries help, I was nearly desperate when searching. Most solutions could be summarized to using mapnik – a library which can easily be called from Python. But sometimes I’m even too lazy for Python.

The solution I found is Maperitive and – following the intention of this blog – I, here, write down my personal way of understanding why Maperitive is my solution.

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Hands on…

Posted: 28th March 2015 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux, Mobile
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Last friday, I received a long expected package. The unpacking revealed this:

If you want to know more about the contents, keep reading.

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Yesterday, I published an article about majordomo and my conclusion of nut using it, since the version my webhoster provides does not support archives and digest functionality. But do I need it actually?

I think that the mailing lists will have only a very limited number of users and, hence, only a small amount of traffic — digests are not neccessary.
Archiving – I will find a work around.

The only remaining question is if there are important security issues which are not avoided by my configuration. Anyone seeing a problem there, feel free to comment here!

A major domus

Posted: 18th March 2015 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux
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For several projects I recently felt the urge to dive into the world of mailing lists. Since I prefer having full control over such things rathern than delegating them somewhere, my first step was looking into my own webhosting package. It includes the the possibility to set up majordomo-mailinglists – I don’t know the exact number, it is nowhere stated, but the number email-adresses which for my package is 500, might be a limit – which, most likely, is sufficient.
My demands for a mailing list are the following ones.

  • little administration, high control
  • easy for users
  • preferably a closed list with control over external visitors
  • controllability of the mail header up to a certain degree
  • a cool unsubscribe-by-mail feature
  • an archive available

And some minor features which I’m going to explain in more detail later.

Can this be accomplished with majordomo? Are there other caveats not visible at this point?
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Wifi problems with Ideapad S10-3t

Posted: 9th October 2014 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Linux

I just encountered severe problems with the wireless card on my Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t. While my netbook connected to the access point I could not use the connection in the common sense, so not even a ping within my network arrived.
While playing around a bit, trying to understand which kernel modules are installed and how they were built, I encountered that the recent update to Kubuntu Trusty Tahr also installed new drivers. Maybe this problem doesn’t exist for a fresh install but only with the update. Who knows…

I found the solution on
The surprinsingly simple solution for my specific hardware (I have a Broadcom BCM414 with the PCI id 14e4:4727) is to remove the bcmwl-kernel-source package and just use the drivers shipped with the linux-firmware package.

Now Wifi works again, but my netbook is complaining about having found proprietary drivers which might be required to grant access to all my hardware’s functions. I will find a solution to get rid of this message.

Today I try out OpenSlides (Link). It is an open-source agenda-organizing-displaying-voting-whatever tool which might come in handy from time to time. As usual, for all the information about OpenSlides go to their page, here is the usual mnemonic which can help you in some way. So you wanna know what I actually did? Read the rest of this entry »

Never change a running system…

Posted: 8th January 2014 by knoppi in Uncategorized

… but if it’s not running you should change as soon as possible!

I am just reinstallung my beloved Kubuntu on my desktop PC. I’m kind of sorry for the nice Chakra linux which has to go, but productive work was not possible anymore. From week to week more and more programs ceased to work as I was expecting them to work.
I really liked Chakra in the beginning. But the descent began with LiquidWar 6 not working anymore. LiquigWar 6 was one of the major advantages in comparison to other distributions where only LiquidWar 5 was available. Unfortunately, some package changed version and so liquidwar 6 did not compile anymore.

Anyhow, it is just a game and as I’m currently writing up my PhD thesis I shouldn’t play anyway. Problems started when my productive tools (in particular ipe, a vector drawing programm and to some extent python-mytplotlib) were acting strangely.

So, while now Kubuntu 13.10 is being installed, I just want to let you know that sticking with boring distributions is really better if you want to do productive work. Maybe in the future I’ll reinstall Chakra again. Without the obstacle of a thesis that needs to be finished rather yesterday than tomorrow it could be more fun. But it is a kind of distribution that really requires you to participate in its development, with a comparably small community and a problem of unstability that is most likely very common for rolling-release distributions…

Gradients in IPE

Posted: 22nd March 2013 by knoppi in Computer Stuff, Software
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I was just trying to understand, how in IPE areas can be filled with a gradient. On the IPE Wiki you can find examples, however no documentation or comments. Read the rest of this entry »