Today I try out OpenSlides (Link). It is an open-source agenda-organizing-displaying-voting-whatever tool which might come in handy from time to time. As usual, for all the information about OpenSlides go to their page, here is the usual mnemonic which can help you in some way. So you wanna know what I actually did?

Setting up OpenSlides on Kubuntu 14.04

OpenSlides is installed via PIP, a python package installer (PIP stands for “PIP installs python”, for more information go to its website). Note that I want to install OpenSlides only as the user I am. That’s why my .bashrc contains the following line:

export PYTHONUSERBASE=/home/knoppi/local/src

With this line I can install OpenSlide locally using the command:

pip install --user openslides

Now, of course I’m curious. Just start the thing: local/src/bin/openslides. A new browser tab opens greeting me friendly.

The first time you have to login as user “admin” with the password “admin”. After having logged in you get directly directed to the “Change password” page.

The next page is a dashboard with the central information about your meeting:

dashboardOne now can click around a bit, actually the main features are intuitively understandable.


Actually, as everything simply works out of the box, there is nothing more to be said. A real life test would be needed to say more.


OpenSlides is very convincing. It is intuitively usable, and reacts very fast. In particular the  projector reacts almost immediately.

Just the access from my mobilephone receives a bad mark as there are too many informations for the small screen.