Posted: 26th October 2012 by knoppi in Larp, Orcs
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Sometimes I take away my human mask and reveal my real being. How does this look like?


Me as the orc / goblin Gashat from the “Red Fist”

Gashat is a goblin / small orc from the tribe of the red fist. He had some bad experience with humans. That’s why he doesn’t trust them, but he also never really talks about that. In addition this is past since several years already.

In the tribe of the “Red Fist”, just the age is no usual cause of death, so the real maximum age is not known, but Gashat is already rather old, sometimes he is even called grandpa as a nickname. A couple of years ago he joined the Krack Gajutar a mercenary troup usually capturing and selling slaves.

His role is the one of a scout, Shirku as it is called in the orcs’ language.
His cloths are not really perfect yet. Everything around the arms still sucks, the skirt is too clean, the quiver could be refined, the mask will be improved soon… I will keep you informed.